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Until late 2019, John had a regular illustrated feature in each issue of Scotland Magazine in which he explored aspects of the country's history and heritage, showcased with some of his finest images. In 2020 his work will start appearing in Scottish Islands Explorer. His travel books on Scotland contain many more.


John Hannavy's photography has appeared in most of England's county magazines over the years, as well as in a number of books. As well as landscape, John is drawn to medieval architecture, and England's castles, stately homes, cathedrals and churches all feature.

Rest of the World                                        

John has photographed and written about locations in Australia, New Zealand, China, Egypt, France, India, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Ukraine and the USA, images from many of these countries appearing in his 2007 book Great Photographic Journeys.

Magnificent Machines
A regular contributor to heritage magazines such as Vintage Spirit has given John the opportunity to visit and photograph some of the finest survivals from the golden age of steam – railways, mill engines, pumping stations, steam ships and others.

The Gas Tramcar – an idea ahead of its time is published in hardback by Pen & Sword Transport, price £35.00


The last few copies of The Victorian Photographs of Dr Thomas Keith and John Forbes White are available in hardback direct from the author at half price – £10 plus P&P. Use Contacts Page to order.

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