The Men Who Invented Britain – an illustrated introduction to 12 great British engineers

This was planned as my great 2020 project, with a long list of locations to be visited and photographed already mapped out, and now obviously on hold due to the current lockdown. I did visit some of the sites before they closed at the end of last season, and a couple of those locations have already formed the basis of features which have appeared, or are about to appear, in Vintage Spirit magazine. However, despite the current restrictions research and planning on the project continues, with a view to getting back up to speed as soon as possible. Mock-ups of possible opening spreads of each chapter are reproduced below, except for two which have not yet got to that stage – the chapters on James Watt, the father of steam power and George & Robert Stephenson the great railway pioneers. As with many of my books, a gazetteer of locations associated with these great engineers and open to the public in normal times, will be included. Obviously, no planned completion date, and no scheduled publisher yet – or in the foreseeable future.



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