Favourite France

John Hannavy's love affair with France began more than forty years ago and continues to this day. Exploring the rich architecture, the beautiful landscapes, the history customs and cuisine of the country has, over the years, led to John amassing an extensive collection of images, stories and anecdotes about the country, all of which will be brought together in this book. From the châteaux of the Loire Valley to the mountain-top Cathar castles of the south; from the Gothic masterpiece of Chartres Cathedral – seen here on the book's working cover – to the amazing wooden cathedral built inside the Romanesque church of St Bertrand de Comminges, the book will explore many of the amazing of historic and scenic sites which can be visited throughout France. A number of sample two-page spreads are illustrated below to give an idea of the book's flavour.


A Publisher for this project will be sought as it nears completion.


The Governor – controlling the power of steam machines is published in hardback by Pen and Sword, price £30

The last few copies of The Victorian Photographs of Dr Thomas Keith and John Forbes White are available in hardback direct from the author at half price – £10 plus P&P. Use Contacts Page to order.

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