Edwardian Railways in Postcards

Edwardian Railways in Postcards explores the history of Briain's railways through the phenomenal popularity of the postcards which were published between 1902 and 1915. In the Edwardian era, annual postcard sales are thought to have exceeded 500,000,000, and the postcard-buying public sought an infinite variety of subject matter. Publishers vied with each other to produce more and more visually interesting cards, and the big railway companies produced their own sets of 'official' postcards to advertise the extent of their network, and the modernity of their operations. Postcard collecting is a hobby as old as the postcard itself, and through the medium almost every aspect of equiping and operating a railway was explored. Some of the 290 postcards which which are included in this book are extremely rare, and offer a unique insight into the 'golden age' of both the postcard and the railway.




The Victorian Photographs of Dr. Thomas Keith and John Forbes White is still available from John Hannavy Publishing price £20.00 + P&P. 

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Published by PiXZ/Halsgrove in October 2017, price £9.99, is  Edwardian Railways in Postcards a celebration both of the railways themselves and of the art of the postcard photographers, colourists and publishers. Click on the book cover, below to log on to Amazon.co.uk where you can see all of John Hannavy's currently available books. 

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