Edwardian Industry in Postcards

Edwardian Industry in Postcards will be a third selection from my postcard collection and those of fellow collectors. The focus this time will be on occupational postcards – a uniquely Edwardian celebration of British working life, both workers and workplace.

Today's world of relatively bland and timeless postcards could not be further removed from the rich celebration of life in the heyday of the postcard – between around 1902 and the outbreak of the Great War. Like my earlier two collections, Edwardian Mining in Old Postcards and Edwardian Railways in Postcards, this third offering will be a celebration of the people who made Edwardian Britain great, and the events which impacted upon their lives – working in engineering, textiles, manufacturing and countless other industries. 


A publisher for this project will be sought in 2018.



The Victorian Photographs of Dr. Thomas Keith and John Forbes White is now available from John Hannavy Publishing price £20.00 + P&P. 

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Published by PiXZ/Halsgrove in May 2017 is the third volume of John's Britain's Industrial Heritage series – Industries Which Made Britain Triumph. Click on the book cover, below to log on to Amazon.co.uk where you can see all of John Hannavy's currently available books. 

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