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Paper Making

What started out as a simple project to take some pictures of Frogmore Paper Mill for volume 3 of the Britain's Industrial Heritage series of books, has expanded into a much wider exploration of paper-making from the 16th to the 20th centurys. The two-part feature will appear in future issues of Vintage Spirit. Illustrated is paper being made on the small 1902 Fourdrinier machine at Frogmore.

Scotland's Industrial Workhorses

My love of steam trains will get a further outing in the August issue of Scotland Magazine when my one hundredth article for the magazine gets published. The feature looks at the great Scottish tradition of locomotive building and looks at many of the surviving examples of this once huge industry. Scottish-built locomotives can still be seen all over the world, although the article concentrates on those in the UK.

Constance Masterton's War

My late aunt was one of those who spent her wartime at Bletchley Park, deciphering intercepted German messages, and on a visit to Bletchley I was even permitted to try out the same model of Modified Typex machine which she would have used. Her story mirrors those of many young women who found themselves thrust into the secret world of code-breaking and the article will appear in 2016 in Scotland Magazine.

Hereford Waterworks

Still with much of its original equipment in place, Hereford Waterworks is a magnet for steam enthusiast. John visited on one of the museum's 'Open Days' when there were numerous pumping engines all in operation – that wonderful smell of coal, hot oil and steam everywhere. The article will appear shortly in Vintage Spirit.

All Aboard the Truffadou

There are very few preserved steam railways in France when compared with Britain, but travelling on one line – the Chemin de Fer de Haut-Quercy – is a relevation. Riding in open carriages through the line's long tunnels is a unque experience, one which was last experienced in Britain in the very earl days of the London Underground. In its heyday, the line was a key part of the route taking fresh truffles to Paris. The article will appear shortly in The Railway Magazine.

Tractor Paradise

The little village of Salviac in south-western France is home to one of the largest collections of tractors and farm machinery in Europe. Unlike most museums, the vehicles here have been left in the condition in which they ceased to be used on farms. John's article about his visit in September 2015 will appear in the July 2016 issue of Vintage Spirit.


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