Our Industrial Past 3

Our Industrial Past 3 is the third in my series of illustrated journeys through Britain's rich industrial heritage. A new collection of themes explores the farming industry, the steam fairground, the ceramics industry, roads and bridges, road transport, communication, and the printing industry amongst others. In revealing their stories, I have travelled far and wide exploring a new list of sites – from the  country's last three remaining transporter bridges, to the new Queensferry Crossing nearing completion across the River Forth; from the surviving medieval tiling at Shaftsbury Abbey in Dorset, to modern ceramic production; from the birthplaces of the steam fairground in Norfolk, to the preserved gallopers and switchbacks in collections from Scarborough to Devon.

Like the first two, this book has 144 pages, illustrated throughout in colour. It will be published in spring 2017.


The Victorian Photographs of Dr. Thomas Keith and John Forbes White is now available from John Hannavy Publishing price £20.00 + P&P. 

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Recently published from PiXZ is the second volume of my Britain's Industrial Heritage series – Our Industrial Past. Click on the book cover, below to log on to Amazon.co.uk where you can see all of John Hannavy's currently available books. 

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