Our Industrial Past – More of Britain's Industrial Heritage

Our Industrial Past – More of Britain's Industrial Heritage is the new title for the companion volume to my 2015 book Britain's Industrial Heritage. Like the first volume, the book follows a thematic approach and is built around a new group of themes exploring different aspects of our industrial past. Richly illustrated with my own modern photography and a selection of Edwardian images, the book includes many places worth visiting which might not be on everyone's radar.

The themes explore the importance of the sea in British life, the development of modern housing and the improvement in living conditions in Britain, and the arms industry. Chapters include 'Big Ports and Safe Havens', 'The Welcoming Light', 'Chasing the Silver Darlings', 'Building Britain', 'Putting a roof over our heads', 'All Mod Cons' and 'The Arms Industry'. An extensive gazetteer lists all the locations mentioned in the text, and many of the more unusual sites open to the public across Great Britain. 

The 144-page hardback book , illustrated throughout in colour, was published by PiXZ/Halsgrove in April 2016.


The Victorian Photographs of Dr. Thomas Keith and John Forbes White is now available from John Hannavy Publishing price £20.00 + P&P. 

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Recently published from PiXZ is the second volume of my Britain's Industrial Heritage series – Our Industrial Past. Click on the book cover, below to log on to Amazon.co.uk where you can see all of John Hannavy's currently available books. 

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